TREPA will host an invitation-only Indaba on September 6-9, 2023.

The 2023 TREPA Indaba will be held at the Southern African Wildlife College September 6-9, 2023.

This invitation-only event will enable a diverse group of local community representatives, scientists, agency and organization representatives to codesign project elements. The goal of the codesign is to  increase the effectiveness and sustainability of efforts to  reduce risks to people, the environment and animals from disease. The Indaba is a unique opportunity  to gather the knowledge and expertise of a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that TREPA is well-designed and responsive. Input will be essential to the success of TREPA in reducing the threats from zoonotic disease transmission.

Indaba is a Zulu word referring to a gathering where participants can share important information, knowledge, ideas, and discuss current needs or challenges. The essence of an Indaba lies in fostering a space for all participants to share their views. The purpose of this Indaba is to inclusively codesign opportunities for learning about links between human and animal health and emerging disease detection. We will focus on the South Africa and Mozambique portions of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA).