I’m excited to announce I was recently welcomed to the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime’s Network of Experts!  The Global Initiative was born from a series of high-level, off the record discussions between mainly law enforcement officials from both developed and developing countries, hosted by the International Peace Institute in New York in 2011-12. Global Initiative founders recognized the problem and its impacts are not well analyzed; they are not systematically integrated into national plans or strategies; existing multilateral tools are not structured to facilitate a response; and existing forms of cooperation tend to be bilateral, slow and restricted to a limited number of like-minded states. My membership in the Global Initiative Network is based upon individual expertise, not organizational affiliation; I will contribute expertise on conservation crime and illegal trade in natural resources such as wildlife and timber. @GI_TOC @CARNatMSU @msuresearch @MSUAgBioResearch #wildlifecrime #conservationcriminology #wildlifetrafficking